Animal & Bird Farming is the requisite of the world economy, as it not only provides food to masses but is also a source of livelihood for people. Working in this industry, Bhumika Animal Breeder Farm has found its expertise in Animal Farming, Bird Farming and Fish Farming. Based in Madhya Pradesh, the company specialized in Rabbit Farming, Pig Farming, Goat Farming, Dairy Farming, Japanese Quail Farming,Turkey Farming ,Duck Farming, Poultry (Countery Chiken) Farming and Dog Kenal.

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Our Mision

Supported by expert professionals, who are well-versed with the in-depth knowledge about the domain, the company has found new horizons in animal farming in a short timeframe.

Our Vision

The farms of the company are maintained in optimum and hygienic conditions to ensure the proper and healthy breeding & growth of animals as well as birds. Not only this, the company offers faster and reliable customer support and ensures that all the requirements of the customers are met promptly.

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Bird Farming

Japanese Quail Farming | Turkey Farming | Duck Farming | Love Birds | Indian Hen

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Beel Kheda Khurd, Bilkisganj, via Bhadbada Bridge, Bhopal, Sehore Bypass Road Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, India - 466111