Dog Kennel


Based in Madhya Pradesh, we are involved in Dog Farming. We breed different species of Dogs like Rottweiler Dog, Dalmatian Dog, German Shepherd Dog, Great Dane Dog, Labrador Dog, etc. We take complete care about the Dog’s health and nutrition. The Dogs offered by us are well-trained and groomed. We provide hygienic living conditions for all our Dogs. Our team also ensures that the Dogs get proper veterinary care and general care. Clients can obtain the services at market-leading rates from us.


Dalmatian Dog

Dalmatian Dog that got fame from the Disney's 101 Dalmatians show is a sleek and athletic dog breed. Dalmatian Dog that we offer was known as a coach dog at first and then it started serving in various other capacities such as hunter, firehouse dog, and circus performer. Our Dalmatian Dog is healthy and free from any kind of diseases.

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog that we offer is one of America's most popular dog breeds. Our German Shepherd Dog has an innocent face but it is intelligent and capable of working hard. This breed of dog is highly devoted and courageous. Also, it is versatile in doing everything he is trained for. Our German Shepherd Dog works as an assistant for the handicapped, police and military service.


Great Dane Dog

Our Great Dane Dog is large in size and is commonly known as a gentle giant. Great Dane Dog or the Apollo of dogs, which we offer is one of the best-natured dogs. Even it has a huge stature; our Great Dane Dog is a sweet and affectionate pet that remains gentle with kids.

Rottweiler Dog

Our Rottweiler Dog was originally meant to drive cattle to the market. And later, these dogs were employed to pull carts for butchers. Rottweiler Dog is the breed that was known as the earliest police dogs and had always served military with honor. Our Rottweiler Dog is a popular family guardian and is very friendly.


Labrador Dog

The company is involved in offering Labrador Dog, which is known as a friendly and useful working dog breed. Labrador Dog helps in various activities such as fetching ropes, retrieving fish, retriever for hunters, show competitor and various others. Our Labrador Dog is good natured and hard working as it is America's most popular breed.